"Find Out How You Too Can Sell Your Own House FAST, For TOP DOLLAR, Without Paying A Realtor, In 14 Days Or Less From Today...

Even In A Buyers Market!"

Not possible you say? Just keep reading to get the proof!

“Never In A Million Years Did I Think I Could
Sell My House Myself That Fast”

sell house fast testimonial image 1"Never in a million years did I think I could sell my house myself that fast until I read about this system! It's broken down into simple steps that make it easy to get started without feeling overwhelmed.

It's also written in a way that even someone who has no real estate experience at all (i.e. me) could get through it quickly and get going on selling their house!"

Erin Melia
Siesta Key, FL

Dear Concerned Home Owner,

Think you can’t sell your house in today’s market? Well, think again.

Regardless of what you’ve read or heard on TV, it’s NOT too late to sell your own house FAST and for top dollar… even in a sluggish buyer’s market.

Now put aside your skepticism for just a minute and hear me out. Because this is what you need to get the leverage on the seller’s side for a change and get your house sold quickly and profitably.

You see there’s a piece of reality missing from all the gloom and doom reports. A piece that could make all the difference in how things look for you a couple of weeks from now.

And that crucial missing link is this…

When You Sell Your House SMART, You Can Easily
Sell Your Own House FAST

My name is John Schroeder, and I'll be your guide to successful home selling.

For the past eight years I’ve been in the real estate trenches buying and selling homes with enormous success. I’m primarily a buy ‘em, fix ‘em, and sell ‘em kind of investor. So selling properties fast is a big part of my success equation.

The thing is over the years I’ve developed a system that works extremely well. As a matter of fact, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars learning, analyzing and testing many different real estate investing strategies, so I know what works.

I’m not trying to brag but quite frankly, my system is the best thing out there for serious sellers like you. It’s not some complex manual of real estate laws and tactics, either.

It is a simple blueprint, a step-by-easy-step guide to sell your own house FAST!

And it really is so incredibly easy to follow. Even if you don’t know a FSBO (for sale by owner), from your elbow you can do this.

What smart person wouldn’t give two short weeks to a program that will help you finally get on with your life and get your house sold? Not anyone I know.

And that is what you want isn’t it…to sell your house?

If you’re thinking this is just a new spin on traditional selling methods, don’t worry. It’s not that at all and I’ll tell you why. It would be just plain wrong for me to suggest you pin your hopes on those outdated techniques. Because unless you’ve been living in a cave the past year you are probably aware…

In a buyer’s market, the conventional methods of selling your house simply will NOT work!

FACT: The government tells us the U.S. housing market is more unsettled than ever. (News of a looming recession isn’t helping much, either.)

FACT: A report by Merrill Lynch says a record 2.2 million homes and condos are on the market – almost 1 million above normal levels.

FACT: To make matters worse, the national inventory of unsold houses jumped to 10.8 months in 2007 alone, and its only gotten worse in recent months.

Couple that with a record 11.4% annual drop in sales prices and it’s enough to make any ordinary seller using conventional methods throw in the towel.

That’s proof enough right there the standard way of ‘for sale by owner’ or depending on a realtor does not work anymore. And if you’ve been trying to sell this way… but are getting more and more worried the state of the economy will chain you to your house for months or years to come…. now you can breath a huge sigh of relief.

“I Feel A Tremendous Weight Being Lifted
Off My Shoulders”

sell house fast testimonial image 2“Relying on his vast market experience and proven record of creating personal wealth, he has assembled an easy to understand, all-inclusive guide to selling your home in any market. His newly released e-book 'The Definitive Guide to Selling Your House Fast' clearly outlines the diverse nature of the real-estate market and contrasts it to the average homeowner and their financial questions or hardships. It clearly illustrates many realistic situations that home owners are experiencing today, such as – leasing vs. selling, what to do if your mortgage exceeds your home’s appraisal value, advertisement strategies that actually put money in my pocket and not the realtor’s, and many, many more!

With America’s drastically declining real-estate market anyone who bought an overpriced home will likely feel the effects for the next 5-10 years – unless you read Mr. Schroeder’s guide to selling your house FAST. The expected recession of our economy and the declining value of my home forced me to believe that I was stuck with a mortgage that exceeded my home’s value, payments I couldn’t afford, and an overwhelming feeling that I was limited to a geographic area that crippled my career. My feeling that I would never be able to get away from an unaffordable mortgage payment that drained my checking account every month has been erased!

After thoroughly examining this simple system, I have developed the skills needed to capitalize on my current housing situation, thus allowing me to relocate to an area that better fosters professional growth and development – an opportunity that will surely benefit my family and my own interests in the long-term. Thanks to my newfound knowledge, I feel a tremendous weight being lifted off my shoulders! 'The Definitive Guide To Selling Your House Fast' was well worth the investment, thank you!"

Jody R. Warner
California, MD

And here’s something else to consider. Though real estate agents would have you believe otherwise, most are in panic mode right now.

It’s reported over 1 million agents are have already, or are expected to lose their jobs in the near future. Many are in dire straits trying to sell their own home because like so many other people, they bit off more than they could chew during the “glory days” of fast and easy financing and a booming market.

Heck, when you think about it, they’re in worse shape than you are! Why would you put your faith in a desperate agent to sell your house when they can’t even sell his or her own? I can’t think of one good reason. They’re just trying to survive and most will do what ever it takes just to ride out this rough economic wave.

That’s why I say…

Relying On A Realtor To Have Your Best Interest
At Heart Is A BIG Mistake!

I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is these days. Here are a few more reasons why.

Once upon a time, agents would chauffeur potential buyers all over town and bring you swarms of traffic. But those days have gone the way of the horse and buggy. Realtors simply don’t work that way anymore.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are still some honest, hard working agents out there. But all in all, in today’s market it’s a brand new ball game. Let me show you what I mean with a few “points of the game”.

Point #1: The 90/10 Rule

For the most part realtors operate on the 90/10 rule. In other words, 90% of the houses on the market that actually get sold, are sold by 10% of the agents (otherwise known as top producers).

The other 90% of realtors are weekend warriors who have their license but they simply “dabble” in real estate. They have another job going on. So they’re happy as can be simply piling up listings because they know the other 10% will do all the work to sell your home!

They figure if they can just get enough houses in the system, eventually some one will want to buy and they’ll get a commission from another realtor’s efforts. Does that sound like someone who is looking out for your best interests? Do you really want one of those guys in charge? Not if you’re serious about selling your house, you don’t.

Point #2: The Market Is Ripe With
Wet-Behind-The-Ears Realtors

Back when the market was booming, everyone and their grandma jumped in the real estate game. The result is now there are plenty of agents out there who have never sold a piece of property in their life. Yet they paint a rosy picture of how they can sell your house (for more than you ever imagined!) in their sleep. So you give them the listing.

Then three weeks later they’re back with “Well, you know, if you really want to sell your house quickly, I think we need to drop the price $15,000.” You just took a beating but you go along with it because, well, they’re the experts, right?

Wrong. Too many rookie realtors are living in a fantasyland when it comes to knowing what you’re house will bring in the market.

The problem with this scenario is now it’s easy for potential buyers to do an Internet search and see all the historical price moves. What do you think will happen if they see you drastically dropped your price in a month’s time? You get a low-ball offer, that’s what.

Point#3: Beware The Bait And Switch

Now this one is a tough pill to swallow, so take a deep breath before you read on.

It’s entirely possible a realtor will take your listing because your house may be a sweet pawn in a game of bait and switch. Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say a realtor has one house that promises a nice commission but it’s outside their buyer’s budget. So instead he shows them the less expensive homes they can afford BUT makes a BIG to do of pointing out every little thing that is wrong with it. (This could be your home, by the way). Needless to say, the buyer picks up on the lackluster attitude and doesn’t exactly fall into a fit of buyer’s hysteria.

Then the realtor shows the buyer the house with the fat commission potential and ends up selling that house instead of yours, which was the plan all along. Your home was simply one of many listed as a bait and switch. Isn’t that infuriating?

But worse than that, it’s just not fair!

And that’s not all…

When you turn your house over to an agent, more than likely you’re forking over thousands of dollars to someone who barely gave your house a passing nod. So I have to ask you…

Why Would You Pay A 3% to 6% Commission To A Realtor
That Barely Lifts A Finger For You?

It’s ludicrous when you think about it and it could very well be the most costly mistake you ever make. Here’s what I mean…

The 6% commission is traditionally split between seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. Of course if a realtor lists AND sells a house they get the whole enchilada, but that’s not the norm – remember, usually realtors don’t work that hard.

At any rate, you don’t have to be a math genius to figure out how 6% cuts deep into your bottom line profits. But just so you can get a crystal clear picture, let’s crunch some numbers…

According to the government Census Bureau, in 2007 the average sales price for a single-family home was $313,000. So let’s use that figure as an example and see what 6% out of your pocket really means to you…

On a $313,000 home, your loss is a whopping $18,780!

And if you want to see exactly how this 6% slice cuts into YOUR bottom line you can use the calculator below and crunch some numbers of your own.

Estimated house value:
Commission rate: 6% *U.S. Average
Estimated amount YOU pay: $18,780

Any way you look at it, it simply doesn’t make any sense to pay out thousands of dollars in commissions – dollars that should be yours – to an agent that has neither the time nor inclination to look out for your best interest!

After all, you probably bought your house in the first place as an essential investment in your future. The ironic thing is most people sink more time into selling their boat or car than figuring out the most financially rewarding and worry-free way of home selling.

I can’t emphasize this point enough…

Selling Your House Is Hardly The Time
To Cross Your Fingers And Hope For The Best

The reality is…

When you’re ready to sell your home, YOU need to be the one in charge.

Think about it… you’re proactive when it comes to your health care or buying a new car or any of those things. So there is no good reason in the world you shouldn’t be proactive about selling your house. It’s the only way you’ll come out a winner all the way around.

And imagine what you can do with the money you save on commissions – money that should be yours in the first place – when you move into your new home. You can buy new furniture, spruce up the landscaping, or do something the whole family can enjoy…the choice is yours.

Frankly, there are a few realtors who are pretty unhappy with me right now for speaking out. So what? It’s NOT right you should have to line their pockets with your money… or put up with the headache and hassles involved when entrusting the sell of your home to them.

Imagine if you could glide through the selling process without days of haggling, endless counter offers, or mind games. What if you knew of two incredibly simple step-by-step strategies that could sell your house in two weeks or less and at a price you’re absolutely thrilled with? Would you be interested? Of course you would!

So I have to ask…

Isn’t It Time You Start Selling Your Home Like You Mean It?

If you answered “Yes” like I think you did, here’s why you should get moving right away.

Today the average time most houses sit on the market is 7.2 months. When you consider there are practically dozens of houses for sale on every street it’s easy to understand why. In the county I live in, there are currently over 14,000 properties on the market. Even if you narrow it down by price to 5000, that’s still a staggering number.

Who can look at a five thousand houses? Nobody.

So even if your house is the cream of the crop and the best deal going, chances are it’s going to take an extremely long time for a dedicated buyer to sift through and find you.

In the meantime, you’re simply lost in the shuffle.

More than likely you’ll put your future on hold for several months (maybe closer to a whole year!) while your everyday life revolves around keeping your house in prime “showing” condition.

If you’ve ever sold a house the traditional way before you know what I’m talking about. After weeks of not even a single nibble, finally the phone rings with a prospect on the other end that wants to look at your house NOW. The mad scramble begins… tossing toys in the pantry, making up the beds… it’s insane!

But with my powerful breakthrough seller’s program called “The Definitive Guide To Selling Your Own House FAST” you won’t have to worry about any of that.


Two Simple But Powerful Strategies Will Put YOU
In The Driver’s Seat

These strategies are incredibly basic yet brilliant… uncomplicated… and believe it or not, no harder than writing an ad for a yard sale.

But make no mistake – they DO work and they work regardless of the economy.

For starters, with this definitive guide …

  • YOU get to decide how and when you showcase your house.

  • YOU get to cherry pick your buyer from a frenzy of eager prospects.

  • YOU get to decide when it’s time to sign on the dotted line and cash in on your windfall of profits.

It’s as easy as plucking low hanging fruit off a tree. And if you’re really serious about selling your house for maximum price in minimum time, your really must have this guide.

sell house fast product image 1

Here’s just a peek at what you’ll discover…

  • Two incredibly simple (and extremely profitable!) methods for selling your house in today’s turbulent economy…or any economy at all.

  • Tried and true “tricks of the trade” that set the “sell it fast” wheels in motion. You’ll be astonished at how easily you can attract a stampede of eager buyers.

  • Little known tips that help you maximize your sales price. You won’t have to even think about dropping your price once you flex your selling muscle with these powerful pointers.

  • The number one method to use if your house has equity in it or your mortgage doesn’t exceed fair market value of your home.

  • An incredibly simple process that shows you how to cash out of your house in less time than you ever imagined possible… as little as two weeks.

  • How to shine the spotlight on your house even when there are literally thousands of competing homes in your area. Fail to do this and selling your house will be like winking in the dark…no one will even know you’re there!

  • An astonishingly simple, clever, (and cheap!) way to advertise your house on the market. But watch out… your prospects will be so intrigued you’ll get a stampede of traffic to your front door!

  • A brilliant way to handle inquiries about your house that won’t keep you slave to a ringing telephone. Instead you can relax and go about your business knowing your potential buyer is taken care of.

  • How to turn the tables on a buyer’s market and position negotiating leverage on YOUR side so you get the best deal possible.

  • How to add a 15% premium to the appraisal value of your house and reap more profits than you ever would with a realtor.

  • How to open your doors to a surge of prospects – groups that make up 95% of the buyer’s market.

  • What to do when it’s time to sign on the dotted line. All the legal stuff is explained and you’ll find out exactly how to confidently close the deal.

  • And much, much more!

When you implement the strategies in this guide, step-by-simple-step you’ll sell your house swiftly, easily, and profitably – in as little as 14 days- even in today’s buyer’s market.

“Selling My Own Home Was A Simple
Step-By-Step Process”

sell house fast testimonial image 3“The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Own House Fast!” is a clear, easy to understand manual for those of us like me who are not familiar with the complex world of real estate but who want to sell their house.

This has made selling my own home a simple step-by-step process. He has thought of all the angles, things to watch out for and things to make the best use of, invaluable forms and checklists, and countless online resources for selling my house that I never would have found on my own - these alone makes the guide worth its weight in gold.

I highly recommend this guide to anyone who wants to get the most value for their house, not only when the real estate market is down, but any time!”

Jane Hawkey
Easton, Maryland

You see these little known and well-kept secrets are the same secrets professional investors use to move real estate at break neck speed AND keep their profits in their pockets. I should know - I use them all the time. That’s why I can say with certainty they absolutely get the selling job done.

I have to be honest with you, though. I am taking some flack from angry investors for sharing this remarkable new program. These strategies pull in massive amounts of money for them and they don’t want you in the game. Well, they can just stay mad for all I care.

You see I’m on a mission to arm you with this innovative program so you can experience the home selling bonanza you deserve. Why? Two reasons.

First, it really troubles me to see so many people struggling to sell in today’s market when it’s totally unnecessary.

I have a powerful solution and it’s my responsibility to share with anyone needing a helping hand. Call it good Karma, reaping what you sow…whatever. It’s just my way of putting some good energy out there.

Secondly, and this may sound self-serving, but everyone benefits from a strong housing market, including me. Putting these strategies into play can help a slow market do a 180. That way everyone benefits. It’s a win-win situation all around.

But what’s really important right now is this. When you tap into the power of this radical system you can…

Beat The Learning Curve And Sell Your Home In A Hurry!

You’ll have everything you need to sell as quick as a wink and with spectacular results.

Very simply, I call these selling strategies Plan A and Plan B. Yes, the name is simple. But something this muscular really doesn’t need a fancy-pants name. And believe me, the heavy weight strategies behind the plain vanilla names pack a mean wallop!

The reason I developed two methods is because not everyone is in the same selling situation. So if Plan A isn’t the best roadmap for you right now…then Plan B most definitely will be. You can choose one (or both) plans to whip up a frenzy of traffic to your house and get it sold in two weeks or less.

And please don’t worry. They’re both so easy to implement and I’ll help you quickly decide which one will work best for you.

Just think about it… you can finally take down that fading, weathered “For Sale” sign out front. In case you didn’t know, it’s a dead give away you’ve been “sitting” for awhile. And any passers-by can’t help but wonder, “What in the world is wrong with that house? It’s been sitting there for 7 months now.”

Whew, what a relief it will be to get rid of THAT thing. Get excited because you’re about to find a better way!

So let’s get started. Here’s what this is all about…

"Sell House Fast" Method # 1 (Plan A):

Imagine selling your home in 8 days for a staggering profit of $80,000 dollars. Sound impossible? Well hang on to your hat because that’s exactly what one seller did using Plan A.

Here’s an example of how Plan A works…

Case Study: Method #1 (Plan A)

A seller from Long Island, New York listed with a realtor for several months before the market began to soften. Prices were dropping like stones so they decided to give their realtor the boot and use Plan A to drive traffic…lucrative traffic… to their house. This is what’s so incredible…

The seller found a buyer within one week and had a signed contract in hand within 8 days from start to finish.

AND they sold the house for much more than the realtor could sell it for, and they didn’t have to pay one red cent in commissions.

And it gets even better …

It was as easy as having a weekend yard sale!

Plan A really doesn’t involve anything a bit more complicated than what you would do to prepare for a weekend yard sale. How simple is that? Even if you’ve never had one before, I’m sure you’ll agree it doesn’t take a big shot project manager to pull it off. I mean how hard is it to do a little planning and stick up some signs in your yard?

Of course, a yard sale may not be your idea of a rollicking good time. I really don’t like them that much either… putting those little colored stickers on everything in your basement just to get rid of extra stuff lying around.

But imagine if you could “get rid” of your house in a weekend. Would that be too much work then?

I mean do you want to get your house sold or not?

Actually, putting Plan A into action is even easier than selling your junk in a yard sale!
You absolutely can do this when you follow the elementary strategies in my guide. I lay it all out for you one, two, three and in easy to understand terms. No confusing loops to work your way through or complicated lingo to decipher.

Oh, if you’re the kind of person’s whose knees turn to Jell-O at the thought of talking to a car salesman, this option is perfect for you. With this robust plan you won’t find yourself quivering in the corner scared silly to negotiate face-to-face with a prospect. That simply isn’t necessary when Plan A is doing the selling.

And if you think Plan A is pretty powerful, wait till you see…

“Sell House Fast” Method #2 (Plan B):

This is a sure fire method that practically guarantees your house won’t get lost in the sea of competing homes. I’m not talking about being visually enticing here but financially enticing for potential buyers. And the best part is when you use Plan B to sell your house you can draw from the largest pool of buyers at absolutely no risk to you.

And get this…

You can actually sell at a higher price than you would normally dare ask for!

You can even add up to a 15% premium to the appraisal price of your house AND buyers will be falling all over themselves for the privilege to pay your price. I’m sure you’re probably wondering how can that be, right?

Its just part of the beauty of this plan. Without a doubt Plan B is the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to sell your house even in today’s market. Want some proof?

Here’s a summary of a case study for Plan B:

Case Study: Method #2 (Plan B)

In a housing market where properties were selling for 30% below value and were often on the market for over a year, one seller from Bradenton, Florida put Plan B into action and named a sales price $10,000 over the appraisal.

And it may be hard to wrap your mind around this (especially this day and age) but here’s the honest truth… this “hot of the press” deal sold within 6 days!

How’s that for turning the table on a buyer’s market? By implementing Plan B this smart seller switched all the negotiating leverage over to his corner. THIS is what I mean by selling your house at maximum price in minimum time!

And if you’re wondering why you’re competitors aren’t taking these strategies to the bank, well…

ONE: they don’t know about them.

TWO: if they have heard of them (that’s not likely) they think it’s too complicated.

And THREE: they don’t believe it’s profitable.

You know what? They’re absolutely WRONG! My phenomenal success and the success of many other now happy homes sellers are proof these strategies are the answer to a prayer.

“This Is The Best Information We Have Found”

sell house fast testimonial image 4"We just want to say what a valuable resource your course is, and we are so pleased we bought it. It has saved us a lot of money that would have been wasted. This is the best information we have found, and I like the fact that it isn't inflated with a lot of padding as so many books on the Internet are!"

Jake & Lorraine Guarino
Long Island, New York

Actually, by now YOU should be realizing…

This Definitive Guide Is A Home Seller’s Dream!

There’s no question about it. The strategies in “The Definitive Guide To Selling Your Own House FAST” are the only options you should consider if you’re genuinely committed to selling you house and moving forward with your life.

The thing is they’re just so very simple to do. I can’t stress that fact enough. Once you see for yourself how easy it is you’ll wonder why no one has ever thought of this before!

“Why Hasn’t Anyone Come Up With This
Idea Before?”

sell house fast testimonial image 5"This e-Book is fantastic! Why hasn't anyone come up with this idea to sell property before? This is the best well laid out plan and "step by step" explanation of how to sell your own house and get what you want for it, EVEN in a slower market! If that wasn't enough, he even tells you how to get free services and links to everything he recommends.

I would have paid a whole lot more for this book! It's the best value I know of for breakthrough info on how to sell your own home!"

Steve Berchtold
Cape Coral, FL

This system is so extremely easy, works with lightening speed, and ALL the profits go to you. No outrageous 6% commission fees lining the pockets of overpaid and under-worked agents.

“Saves Homeowners Time And Money”

sell house fast testimonial image 6“This is a bold and innovative strategy for people needing to sell their homes on their own quickly for the best possible price. It is certainly in step with the times and will save homeowners time and money in this challenging real estate market."

Tony Tizzano
Sarasota, Florida

Whatever you do…

Don’t Sign Your Life Away For the Next 60, 90, or even 180
Days To A Realtor BEFORE You See What This Is About!

Why in the world would you want to play that kind of waiting game, anyway? Fourteen days from downloading “The Definitive Guide To Selling Your Own House FAST”, you could actually have your house sold for a price you’ll be thrilled with.

But this phenomenal selling program isn’t for everybody.

If you’re perfectly content to put your life in limbo waiting for the upswing in today’s downward spiraling housing market…if you’re willing to take the first pitiful low ball offer that finally comes your way… this program isn’t for you.

And if you think some real estate fairy godmother is going to come drifting by on gossamer wings and get your house sold for you in just a few days, then dream on.

On the other hand if you’re ready to quickly get on with your life and sell your house fast…if you demand the top dollar you deserve… and you know the real winners in the house selling game are diligently proactive, step up to the plate and take charge, then…


YES, I Want To Sell My House FAST!

Your investment in these breakthrough strategies is $147 $97 only $39.95 if you claim your copy today. For no more than you probably spend on having dinner at your favorite restaurant, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars, and months of frustration, anxiety, and discouragement.

That’s a smart investment that will pay you back literally tens of thousands of times over.

And consider this. If you go the traditional route and hire a realtor to sell your house for you, IF they manage to do it, you could easily fork over 200 times that much (the U.S. national average is $18,780!).

I don’t want you to risk anything at all, OR stress over making any decisions.... Plus, I’m out-and-out determined to make sure you have…

A Totally Positive Selling Experience

I simply won’t settle for anything less... and you shouldn’t either!

But I don’t blame you a bit if there are still some lingering doubts about that. After all, a smooth and easy sell is probably outside what you may have experienced in the past.

It’s only natural to wonder if this time will really be any different.

So to make your decision a LOT easier…

I’m Including A SPECAIL BONUS For You!

I want to make sure you have everything you need to get on the fast track to selling your house. So in addition to the strapping “Sell It Fast” Plan A and Plan B here’s your…

Ready–To–Use Tools, Checklists, Forms,
Calculators and Templates (a $197 value)

I'm going to give you all the checklists, worksheets, templates, and resources I use to help your entire selling process run as smoothe as clockwork. They’ll save valuable time, and help guarantee your success (some of which have cost me a few hundred dollars each to create).

Here's what's included in my "Bag of Tricks"...

  • Tool #1: Complete step-by-step checklists you can print and follow to keep you on track and make sure you never miss a step...

  • Tool #2: Advertising templates and examples (flyers, take one sheets, etc,) I personally use you can quickly download and edit using Microsoft Word...

  • Tool #3: Microsoft Word formatted worksheets, documents, and applications you'll need to complete either the PLAN A or the PLAN B selling method...

  • Tool #5: A FREE phone number and answering service you can use on all your advertising to keep your personal phone number private...

  • Tool #6: Voice mail scripts to record your answering service message that interested buyers can call to get more information about your house.


If you’re honestly ready to take control of selling your house, permit me to remove any hesitation and uncertainty you may have right now with my…

8 Week 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee!

I’m so certain you’ll sell your house using the step-by-simple-step strategies in this guide, I’m willing to take all the risk.

That’s because if you’re like most sellers I deal with, once you see how incredibly easy it is to swiftly sell on your own, you’ll be chomping at the bit to put these “sell it fast” plans into action.

It’s a rewarding feeling to be able to help people with such an HUGE problem to struggle with. Outside my family, nothing gives me more pleasure. And I truly want you to be free to get on with your life and look forward to an exciting future in your new home.

And, that’s why I’m giving you a little nudge with my 8 week 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee!

Download the guide, read it, and use it.

And if you don’t get your house sold in 14 days (or less!) I’ll give you every penny of your money back. No hassles, no questions, no problem. And you keep the guide as my way of saying thanks for giving it a try.

Get instant access to download your copy of "The Definitive Guide To Selling Your Own House Fast" and claim all your bonuses in the next few minutes...

And you will get - your copy of the guide, and a super smart house selling bonus valued at $197 (yours absolutely FREE)...

So don't wait! Say yes to this incredible offer and claim your copy of "The Definitive Guide To Selling Your Own House Fast" with bonus included - $197 in value - right now...

sell house fast product image 2
The Complete House Selling Guide... Just ($97) $39.95!

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Just think… two short weeks from now you could be yanking up the “FOR SALE” sign from your front yard and replacing it with a sign that says “SOLD”!

It’s been my experience that about 80% of those who try the two simple but powerful strategies in my seller’s guide AND follow the instructions step-by-easy step experience monumental success. The other 20% never even give it a heartfelt try.

That’s pretty sad when you think about it.

But I believe you’re one of the “take action” 80 percent. You realize there simply is no good reason NOT to set the wheels in motions for your fast, easy, and profitable sell. What are you waiting for? One thing’s for sure, the housing market isn’t going to get any better for sellers in the near future.

It’s time to get started now!

To your successful FAST sell,

Steven Case

P.S. By now you should realize what a phenomenal program this is for you as a seller. Unless you’re happy to put your life on hold while your house languishes away in today’s slow market, you need to take swift action. While other homes sit on the market for months, you could easily have a buyer in as little as two weeks!

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